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Watlow Circulation Heaters
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Watlow Circulation Heaters

Circulation heaters provide a ready-made means to install electric heating with a minimal amount of time and labour. This is accomplished by combining heating elements, vessel, insulation, terminal enclosure, mounting brackets and inlet and outlet connections into a complete assembly.

Made from NPT screw plug or ANSI flange heater assemblies mated with a pressure vessel (tank), circulation heaters are designed to heat forced-circulation air, gases or liquids. Ideal for either in-line or side-arm operations, these assemblies direct fluids past FIREBAR or WATROD heating elements, to deliver fast response and even heat distribution.

Watlow meets virtually all your circulation heater assembly needs with made-to-order units. These units can be made from a wide range of heating element sheath materials, wattages, vessel sizes and materials, pressure ratings, terminal enclosures and controls.

Performance Capabilities
-Watt densities up to 18.6 W/cm²
-Wattages up to three megawatts
-UL® and CSA component recognition up to 690 VAC
-Ratings up to ANSI Class 600 pressure class
-Alloy 800/840 sheath temperatures up to 870°C
-Passivated 316 stainless steel sheath temperatures up to 650°C
-Steel sheath temperatures up to 400°C
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