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Humidity Dataloggers

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HD50 Datalogger c/w 4 universal I/P LCD

HD50 Datalogger c/w 4 universal I/P LCD

The HD50 will connect into your local network via Ethernet cable of Wi-Fi. With the HD50 it is possible to start from 1 logger and extend it to a practically unlimited network of loggers. Due to the built-in webserver, the HD50 settings can be opened directly from a web browser using it's IP address. This way it is also possible to monitor the actual measurements.
Temperature Humidity Datalogger-LCD

Temperature Humidity Datalogger-LCD

Fixed probe Temperature and Humidity wireless datalogger. Temp Range: -40 to 105 °C, Humidity Range: 0 to 100 %RH.
Center 318 Humidity Datalogger

Center 318 Humidity Datalogger

Center 318 is a 2.0 % handheld thermo-hygrometer with datalogging.
Delta Ohm Wireless Datalogging System

Delta Ohm Wireless Datalogging System

Delta Ohm offers a comprehensive range of wireless datalogging components. There are sensor loggers available to monitor a wide range of physical parameters including Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure and Carbon Monoxide. All sensor units have optional displays and feed back to a base unit and PC for data storage. Select the View more/Buy now link to build and price a system to suit your needs.
Humidity & Temperature Multi Use Logger

Humidity & Temperature Multi Use Logger

Multi use calibrated %RH & Temperature datalogger. Complete with 3 point IANZ Accredited Calibration Certificate.
Center 314 Humidity Dual Temp Datalogger

Center 314 Humidity Dual Temp Datalogger

Center 314 is a handheld thermo-hygrometer datalogger. It has a remote probe with a clip on holder to allow convenient one-hand operation. Also has an extra thermocouple input which takes Type K probes.
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