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Flow Switches

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Dwyer V8 Flow Switch (Plastic)

Dwyer V8 Flow Switch (Plastic)

This Dwyer vane operated flow switch is field adjustable for 1" to 6" pipe with a leak proof body. The SPDT switch is rated for 5 A @ 120/2580 VAC.
Dwyer V10 Flow Switch (Brass & S/S)

Dwyer V10 Flow Switch (Brass & S/S)

Flotect mini size vane operated flow switch made by W.E. Anderson, a division of Dwyer. Field Adjustable for ½" to 2" pipe. Leak proof body, waterproof.
1 to 10 mps Adjustable Air Flow Switch

1 to 10 mps Adjustable Air Flow Switch

Dwyer AAFS Adjustable Air Flow switch is capable of detecting a wide range of air velocities with minimal user calibration.
FS-2 Vane Flow Switch 1 NPT

FS-2 Vane Flow Switch 1 NPT

The FS-2 features an aluminium weatherproof housing for outdoor installation. Paddles are adjustable to fit 1? to 8? size pipe. FS-2 is ideal for use in "flow or no flow" applications in cold and hot water systems. Perfect for proving flow in boilers, hot water heaters, and chillers.
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