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Process Dataloggers

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4 to 20 mA Compact USB Datalogger

4 to 20 mA Compact USB Datalogger

This stand-alone data logger measures and stores over 32,000 current loop readings over a 4-20 mA d.c. range at a resolution of 0.05 mA d.c.
Delta Ohm Wireless Datalogging System

Delta Ohm Wireless Datalogging System

Delta Ohm offers a comprehensive range of wireless datalogging components. There are sensor loggers available to monitor a wide range of physical parameters including Temperature, Humidity, Differential Pressure and Carbon Monoxide. All sensor units have optional displays and feed back to a base unit and PC or network for data storage.
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HD50 Datalogger c/w 4 universal I/P LCD

HD50 Datalogger c/w 4 universal I/P LCD

The HD50 will connect into your local network via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. It can also transmit to the Delta Ohm Cloud for visibility on any internet connected device.
LoRaWAN Information Solution

LoRaWAN Information Solution

LoRaWAN stands for Long Range Wide Area Network. Not only does it provide long range wireless logging, but it can still function in areas normally impenetrable to radio signals, such as lift shafts and multi-story buildings. Loggers are available for virtually any parameter including, "man-down" alerts.
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