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Delta Ohm Wireless Datalogging System
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Delta Ohm Wireless Datalogging System

Delta Ohm offers a complete range of data-logging components which wirelessly transmit via RF to a base unit which can be connected to a PC or your network.

There are sensor loggers available to monitor a wide range of physical parameters for industrial, horticultural and weather solutions. All sensor units have optional displays and feed back to a base unit and PC or network for data storage.

Frequencies are compatible with NZ Radio Frequency Service standards. (Homershams are registered as a "Responsible Supplier")

Measured parameters include:

Differential Pressure
Atmospheric Pressure
Illuminance (Lux)
UV irradiance (UVA, B & C)
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Dioxide
Solar Radiation
Rainfall quantity
Wind speed and direction
Leaf Wetness
WBGT index (wet bulb globe index)

Basic range is typically 180 metres without obstructions, and repeaters allow for increased range.

The logger units retain logged data within themselves and may be transmitted automatically or on request.

The Ethernet/Wireless models now have the ability to link to a Cloud service offered by Delta Ohm. Homershams have set up a demo unit in our Christchurch Office which you can access via the link below.

Christchurch Demo unit

There is also a demo cloud unit at Delta Ohm HQ in Italy:

Italian Cloud Demo
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