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LoRaWAN Information Solution
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LoRaWAN Information Solution

LoRaWAN stands for Long Range Wide Area Network. Not only does it provide long range wireless logging, but it can still function in areas normally impenetrable to radio signals, such as lift shafts and multi-story buildings. Loggers are available for virtually any parameter including, "man-down" alerts.

LoRa is a modern approach to wireless telemetry. By using Chirp Spread Spectrum transmission (CSS) LoRa has unrivalled performance, huge Link Budget and can achieve reception even when the signal is below the RF noise floor!

AES encryption means that your data is always secure, while still being able to leverage off other systems in the area. Low duty cycle means that battery life is typically 5-6 years!

We can offer solutions for

Water Resources
Property Services
Worksite Safety
Power network Management
Science and Research
Bottled Gas Logistics
Industrial Processes
Temperature, Humidity
Light Levels
HVAC status
Tank Level
Soil Moisture
Meter Reading
Asset and people monitoring
And More!
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