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ET5401 50ml Dual Cartridge Hi Temp Epoxy
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ET5401 50ml Dual Cartridge Hi Temp Epoxy

Permabond ET5401 Flexible Epoxy

Mixed Viscosity: Thick Paste
Pot Life: 10 to 12 min
Handling Time: 180 to 240 min, Full Strength: 4 to 7 days @ 25 °C
Service Temperature: 0 to 120 °C
Max Gap Fill: 5.0 mm
Colour: Grey

Permabond ET5401 is a two-part, 2:1 mixable, semi-flexible toughened no slump epoxy adhesive with good adhesion to a variety of substrates such as wood, metal, ceramics and some plastics and composites. Permabond ET5401 forms tough bonds providing high peel resistance and high shear strength coupled with excellent resistance to high temperatures.

- High peel strength increases design versatility
- 1:1 mix ratio of most Permabond 2-part epoxies reduces equipment costs
- Durability increases material choices
- Rapid cure increases production rates
- Room temperature cure reduces equipment & energy costs.
- Solvent free improves workplace safety
- Low odour improves workplace environment

Dispensing gun and extra nozzles can be ordered from the "Activators & Dispensers" section on the left menu.
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