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75ml Flexible Gasket Maker - MH196
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75ml Flexible Gasket Maker - MH196

Permabond MH196

Handling Time: 20 min, Full strength: 24 hours
Maximum Temperature: 200 °C

Permabond MH196 is an anaerobic material designed for making "formed in situ" gaskets between metal surfaces. It is capable of replacing a wide range of conventional gaskets, thereby offering potential for reduced stock holdings. By allowing surface to surface contact, load transmission can be improved. As the product does not shrink, creep or relax after curing, no bolt re-tightening is required. It has excellent chemical and high temperature resistance or up to 200°C.

Benefits of Liquid Gaskets:
-Use instead of pre-cut gaskets
-One bottle for all gaskets = reduced inventory
-Vibration proof - will not loosen over time
-No "bedding in" compression relaxation - no servicing required
-Better stress distribution
-Easy to apply
-Will not degrade - no loose particles to block valves
-Will not creep or shrink
-Parts can be disassembled easily
-100% metal to metal contact, adhesive fills all voids and creates a much better seal

Consult the Data Sheet at this link
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