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200ml High Strength Retainer - A1046
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200ml High Strength Retainer - A1046

Permabond A1046

Handling Time: 5 min, Full Strength: 24 hours
Max Temperature: 150 °C
DVGW Approval for Gas installations

A rapid curing adhesive designed to provide permanent locking and sealing of metal parts such as bearings, gears, pulleys and threaded components. It exhibits high strength and excellent durability, even under the most arduous conditions. A1046 helps joints resist vibration, fatigue and fretting corrosion, which allows machining tolerances to be relaxed and mechanical locking devices to be eliminated. A1046 will help reduce processing costs.

Benefits of a Retaining Compound:
- Replace keyways, splines, expensive & time consuming fine machining for shrink or press fit
- Vibration proof - will not loosen over time
- 100% metal to metal contact for better stress distribution
- Protects against metal fretting & corrosion
- Single part - no mixing required, easy clean up
- Ability to bond dissimilar metals, fast assembly
- Parts can be re-used and are undamaged
- Easy to apply
- No design change - standard parts can be used
- Machining tolerances can be relaxed = lower cost
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