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Homershams: Your Source for Infrared Cameras and IR Laser Temperature Thermometer Guns in NZ

For applications such as temperature measurement, electrical fault finding or thermal performance assessment, infrared technology has delivered a wealth of game-changing benefits. At Homershams, we help consumers and businesses alike ...read more.

Protect Your Goods with Reliable Data Temperature, Humidity and Pressure Data Loggers from Homershams

If your business relies on consistent and stable temperature, humidity, and pressure levels to maintain the quality of perishable foods, pharmaceutical products, and other sensitive goods, then you need a way to monitor indoor air ...read more.

Choosing A Calibrator in NZ to Provide Infrared Thermometer, Temperature Sensor, and Humidity Tool Calibrations

Complex systems often rely on a variety of sensors to function safely at high volume. These sensors continuously monitor the conditions within a given system, such as the flow of liquid through a pipe or the temperature of a gas passing ...read more.

Where to Begin Sourcing Reliable Industrial Strength Engineering Adhesives and Epoxy Solutions

The average consumer might not notice how much glue goes into practically every product they use, but it is present from the adhesive that sticks labels onto containers to the engineering adhesives that bond critical pieces of an assembly ...read more.

Ensure Effective Operations: Choosing the Right Manometer Pressure Gauge for Your Applications

A manometer pressure gauge alongside a pneumatic test pump can help you to diagnose potential issues in your air and gas driven systems. By manually pressurising the system and measuring it, you can detect leaks, diagnose other ...read more.

Find the Right USB Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers When You Shop with Homershams

Being able to track, monitor, analyse and draw insights from accurate temperature and humidity data is a must for managing temperature sensitive products. At Homershams, we can provide robust solutions for your business, in the form of USB ...read more.

Securing a Supplier for an Air Flow or Portable Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter

Of all of the logistical tasks that one must address in industrial or mechanical settings, transporting liquids and gases safely is one of the most important. Not only is something such as a consistent flow incredibly critical to successful ...read more.

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