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Homershams: Your Source for Infrared Cameras and IR Laser Temperature Thermometer Guns in NZ

For applications such as temperature measurement, electrical fault finding or thermal performance assessment, infrared technology has delivered a wealth of game-changing benefits. At Homershams, we help consumers and businesses alike unlock these benefits by selling infrared cameras, IR sensors and laser thermometers in NZ. These products have brought numerous industries into the next generation of operation, safety and efficiency, and Homershams is proud to supply them within New Zealand.

Our Infrared Thermometers in NZ

Why are these products so useful? Let’s start with the infrared thermometers we stock for our NZ customers. These thermometers—also known as laser thermometers, non-contact thermometers or laser temperature guns—are extremely powerful and practical tools for any temperature measurement. Every object emits some level of infrared energy. The hotter an object is, the more infrared energy it emits. As such, by measuring the infrared energy coming off an object, the temperature of that object can be accurately measured even from afar. These types of measurements are precisely the ones that an IR thermometer will record.

Homershams delivers those benefits to the New Zealand market with laser temperature guns in NZ. Our infrared thermometers offer substantial temperature ranges for measurement. One of our thermometers can support temperature ranges anywhere between -50 and +999 °C. Simply put, no matter what application you have in mind for your IR thermometer, Homershams can provide a practical solution.

Our Infrared Cameras in NZ

We also supply an array of infrared-equipped cameras. These devices are useful for thermal imaging, providing high quality imaging and accurate temperature readings and analysis. Electricians use our thermal cameras to find electrical faults that might either be difficult to identify with the naked eye or difficult to reach safely.

For any domestic, commercial or industrial inspection, cameras equipped with infrared thermal imaging are essential tools. If a building delivers poor temperature performance and is losing heat through a thinly insulated patch of ceiling or wall, an infrared camera can help identify that weakness.

At Homershams, we provide both of these crucial gadgets to the New Zealand market, both from our physical premises in Christchurch and through our online store. If you need help finding the right IR camera or thermometer, get in touch with our team today.

Homersham’s are 100% NZ Owned and have been supporting New Zealand business for over 75 years
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