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Where to Begin Sourcing Reliable Industrial Strength Engineering Adhesives and Epoxy Solutions

The average consumer might not notice how much glue goes into practically every product they use, but it is present from the adhesive that sticks labels onto containers to the engineering adhesives that bond critical pieces of an assembly into place.

When you need to find an adhesive for a new product or project, or when your current solutions are not providing the long-term results you need, finding an option you can "stick" with is essential. At Homersham Ltd, our company has proudly supplied a wide range of industrial adhesive products to clients across the whole of New Zealand since 1946. With an extensive product range that includes not only many popular cyanoacrylates but also industrial epoxy adhesive for other applications, securing a consistent supply of the glues you need is simple.

Industrial adhesive solutions to suit virtually any industrial application

The type of industrial adhesive glue you choose will depend mainly on the specific applications you have in mind. For example, binary epoxies are a popular choice when bonding wood or even glass, so long as a fast curing time is not critical. Because epoxy uses both a resin and a hardener, it often takes an extended period of time for an epoxy solution to cure and harden, creating a permanent bond between the materials. As a result, time-sensitive applications may need a special fast curing epoxy, or where another solution may be viable, cyanoacrylates may be the right option.

Despite their fancy name, cyanoacrylate industrial strength adhesives are remarkably similar to a product with which we're all familiar — "super glue." These products form rapid and very strong bonds. The difference though is that Homersham’s Industrial cyanoacrylates are much stronger, with fewer impurities that can weaken the bond over time. On an assembly line where speed is crucial, these adhesives can be the ideal choice.

Need help with choosing a product? Let our team know

You'll notice that we stock an incredible range of adhesive products to suit almost any scenario that operators in New Zealand may encounter. Our team has in-depth industry experience and are experts in helping our customers find the right adhesive solution for their project. Get in touch now to learn more.

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