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Securing a Supplier for an Air Flow or Portable Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter

Of all of the logistical tasks that one must address in industrial or mechanical settings, transporting liquids and gases safely is one of the most important. Not only is something such as a consistent flow incredibly critical to successful operation, but it can also be an indicator when something is wrong. Whether you need an option to check on piping systems for maintenance requirements or a way to measure an HVAC system's air flow, access to a dependable liquid or air flow meter is incredibly important.

At Homershams, we've provided New Zealand with a quality option for industrial equipment and supplies for decades. Founded in 1946, we continue to maintain our commitment to quality and customer service and to serve clients from a variety of industries. We're happy to advise you on which type of metering solution you may need, and we offer some of the latest advances in ultrasonic flow meter technology.

The benefits of using an ultrasonic flow meter

Perhaps the most important advantage of switching to a portable flow meter that uses ultrasonic technology to take its measurements is that it's non-invasive. As a hand-held device, it is easy to transport and never requires stopping the flow to install a meter. Simply place the ultrasonic sensors on the pipe and begin your testing procedures.

If you require a water flow meter, opt for a model that uses the "time of flight" method of calculation, rather than the Doppler method. “Time of flight” calculations measure how much the ultrasonic waves slowdown in the liquid, which provides more accurate measurements.

Explore all of your options with Homershams today

At Homershams, we take pride in sharing our extensive product knowledge with our customers to help them find the best option for their business. Please explore all of our technical articles for in-depth data on many of our products, including different types of flow measurement tools. With meters available to gauge liquid velocity in many applications, finding the right product should be a simple and satisfying experience. We are always available to answer your questions and provide professional advice and support. Say hello today and let us know how we can assist.

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