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Find the Right USB Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers When You Shop with Homershams

Being able to track, monitor, analyse and draw insights from accurate temperature and humidity data is a must for managing temperature sensitive products. At Homershams, we can provide robust solutions for your business, in the form of USB data loggers for temperature, humidity and even pressure.

What to Expect from Our USB Data Loggers

Our temperature and humidity logger USB products provide stress-free and accessible ways for small and low budget operations to gain insight from accurate data. You can easily plug USB data logging devices into any laptop or desktop computer. From there, users can access and review recent readings, graph them into easy-to-understand visualisations or export them into other applications for further analysis.

Technology in this product market has accelerated so substantially that today’s USB enabled data loggers can pack vast amounts of useful information into a gadget small enough to fit in your pocket. For instance, this USB temperature data logger can store more than 32,000 temperature readings. Its temperature range—which spans from -40 to +125 °C—is sufficient for the vast majority of temperature logging applications. Temperatures can be logged every second, every 12 hours or at any configured rate in between. The product even comes with a free download of EasyLog, a software program that will help you graph, visualise and use the temperature data you collect.

Homershams: Relying on Decades of Industry Experience to Deliver the Best Solutions Possible

Homershams opened its doors in 1946. Early on, we focused mainly on selling irrigation products, engineering adhesives, gaskets, thread locking and the like. Over the years, though, we have also become increasingly well known for selling process control and measurement technologies in New Zealand. Needless to say, since 1946, the technology that we sell has evolved in leaps and bounds. It even continues to develop to this day. The solutions we sell have become more powerful, more intuitive and more versatile. They’ve also become smaller, as evidenced by the growing popularity of USB enabled data logging tools.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the commitment we have to provide our customers with the finest and highest quality tools that the market has to offer. Whether you are seeking a USB temperature data logger, a remote WiFi thermostat or a gasketing adhesive, you can always rely on us to deliver a top quality solution.

Start exploring the Homershams webstore today. If you need help finding a specific product, feel free to contact us directly.

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