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Choosing A Calibrator in NZ to Provide Infrared Thermometer, Temperature Sensor, and Humidity Tool Calibrations

Complex systems often rely on a variety of sensors to function safely at high volume. These sensors continuously monitor the conditions within a given system, such as the flow of liquid through a pipe or the temperature of a gas passing through a chamber. If the sensors detect an anomaly, they can alert operators or even trigger automatic shutdowns in the most extreme cases. The key to deriving accurate results and avoiding false readings from these sensors is calibration.

With regular use, almost every instrument will require recalibration. The manufacturer of your tools may specify how long this typically takes, or they may leave it up to the user to determine. While some basic tools are easy to recalibrate in the field, others, like an infrared thermometer, require calibration efforts which rely upon special tools. At Homershams, we provide calibration services to our NZ clients which are fully IANZ certified and compliant.

Fast, effective, and professional calibration services for NZ industries

For essential equipment, an IANZ-accredited service can provide you with confidence and peace of mind. This certification proves that the group providing you with the service has undergone the necessary training to work with a humidity calibrator. IANZ certifications guarantee that your instruments will receive calibrations using the best tools and the right methods. This, combined with the fact that Homershams has been around since 1946, make us the ideal partner for bringing your instruments back to the proper alignment.

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Incorrectly calibrated equipment can cause all kinds of costly issues. For a look at a few of those scenarios, check out our article on calibration dilemmas. If you aren't sure how often you require recalibration, or if you're having trouble pinpointing the source of an error in the data you gather, reach out to our friendly and experienced staff today. At Homershams, we're always happy to use our accumulated knowledge to help clients identify the best option. Contact us now to get started.

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