Greg Major - Technical Sales

Greg Major
Greg is Homershams Technical Sales Representative. He writes the technical articles for our newslwtter. A self-confessed nerd, he relishes anything technical. Greg used his former career in electronics, components and pro-audio as a springboard to Technical Sales at Homershams.

When Greg joined the Homershams team in 2009, he originally focused entirely on Christchurch but now travels throughout New Zealand demonstrating hi-tech equipment; like the Fuji flow meters and Watlog controllers and loggers.

In 2012 when Homershams secured agencies for sophisticated thermal imaging equipment, Greg was given the task of learning about and selling these products which he took to with relish. In 2014 Greg completed a Level 1 Thermographer’s course and he is now the ‘go to man’ for thermal imaging and infrared dialogue.

Greg prides himself in customer service, learning many years ago that service is what differentiates good companies from really great ones.

A father of 2 of his own children, and 3 of his wife’s, Greg is kept very busy with a household of up to 7 (5 of which are teenagers), all with laptops and a monthly internet bandwidth of around 100GB!
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