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Wireless Equipment

Wireless technology is universal. From Wi-Fi connecting our PC’s and phones to networks, to Industrial equipment it’s very likely that you’ll be using radio-frequency in many ways even as you read this.


Around the world, different radio frequencies are used for different purposes. So it’s very important to purchase equipment designed for the country of operation.

The easiest way to check this in New Zealand, is to check that the equipment supplier is a “Responsible Supplier” under the Ministry of Social Development/Radio Frequency Service. Every single piece of transmitting equipment in New Zealand, including Cell Phones, Wireless temperature Loggers and Wireless Microphones, should display a ‘check’ symbol as shown below to be applied by the importer, (with or without the number).
HD35-Rear 200a HD35-Front 200 iPhone 200a
In the above images we see the sticker as applied by Homershams (approval number E4047) to our wireless logging systems as well as an ‘electronic’ version of the NZ approval on my iPhone 6S.

Frequencies that are OK to use in other countries may not operates in NZ and vice versa. For example, the frequencies we use for our wireless data logging here, are part of the US cell phone band.

As recently as 2014 a Hastings pig hunter was fined $1200 and forced to destroy dog tracking collars he’d imported from a well known US company, Garmin. Click Here to find out more.

Tips & Tricks

  • Be very cautious when importing radio equipment
  • Purchase only from a “responsible supplier” under the Act. Ask for their responsible Supplier Number and look for the ‘check-mark’
  • Lower frequencies generally give greater range e.g. Our 900 MHz loggers will transmit much farther than 2400 MHz (2.4 GHz) models all things being equal.
  • For greater range repeaters and external antennae can be added to many systems.
An example of some of our wireless loggers can be found here.
TH9000 400

Approval check-mark on a Honeywell Wireless Thermostat

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