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Level Applications

Whether it is powders, solids or liquids, one must often measure the level of a product and control its ingress and egress.
From high tech guided radar to low tech, yet extremely effective, rotating paddle & float types, there are a variety of options to chose from.
Examples of technologies available are
  • Microwave (long range, solids etc)
  • Guided radar
  • Ultrasonic
  • Magnorestrictive
  • Capacitive
  • Optical
  • Tuning fork
  • Magnetic ‘flag’ tube
  • Hydrostatic pressure (great for sumps!)
  • Rotating paddle for powders & solids
  • Float on a shaft
  • Custom float switches (from 1 float, 1 switch to 3 switches) 
  • Locally made at Homershams - short lead times
  • Customised designs available
Vertical Multi-level Liquid Float Switch
Assembled locally, this Level Sensor is designed for use in liquid level applications where a switch point is necessary for one or more levels. Consists of one or more floats on a stem with reed switches inside the stem at pre-set points. These switch points are customer configurable on ordering but cannot be moved once complete.
  • Up to 3 actuation levels in one unit
  • Up to 2 m stem lengths
  • Small and compact size
Capacitive Fuel level Sensor
The Model T/LL130 series is designed for use in water, coolant or fuel/oil tanks and provides a factory set variable resistive, voltage or PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) output suitable for driving industry standard fuel gauges or connecting into PLCs.

The device has no moving parts and can be mounted at any angle above horizontal as long as it covers the whole depth of the tank. The unit cannot be inverted.

Rotating Paddle Level Sensor

Ideal for powders, solids and granular material
The R7 series of miniature rotating paddle sensors are designed for use with plastic moulding or injection machines and extruders. They can also be designed into equipment such as grain processing machines and granulating equipment. These products are the most compact units of their type and are deigned to provide reliable services.

Mounting: ¾ BSP Thread c/w lock nut
Supply Power: 24 VAC & 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Contact Rating: SPDT, 3 A @ 250 VAC, 4 A @ 30 VDC (Resistive)

Mechanical Tank Contents Gauge
Low cost and simple to install
Easily adjustable range to 2000 mm
0-100% calibration
Direct mounting with 1½”and 2” BSP connections
For light fuel oils and inert liquids such as water
  • High accuracy mechanism
  • Long service life
  • Universal
  • 270° full scale reading
  • 2 years warranty
This universal, mechanical level gauge is fitted with a high quality brass mechanism. The range is adjustable for tanks with heights or diameters.
Pneumatic Tank
Pneumatic Tank Contents Gauge
Universal, pneumatic tank contents gauge featuring capsule type movement for remote indication up to 50 m.
Fully adjustable for tanks between 900 and 3000 mm at a density of 0.84 g/cm3 (fuel oil and diesel)

Weka Visual Level Indicators
Single-pole Magnet System
The WEKA VLI operating principle is based on the use of a permanent bar magnet system which ensures reliable activation of visual indication elements (flags), switches and transmitters, even when used on thick-wall high-pressure indicator pipe.
Temperature Stability
The magnetic materials ensure optimal performance even at extreme temperatures. Weka's preconditioning of components ensures negligible degradation of magnetic flux.
Multi-functional: Three functions in one system!
  • Level indicator
  • Level switch
  • Level transmitter
Miniature Float Switches
Miniature liquid level switches are designed for reliable operation in small tanks and containers. Their rugged design and careful engineering make them perfect solutions or OEM and large volume applications.
  • Compact size
  • Low cost
  • Reliability/Long switch life
  • Can be used in a wide range of liquids
  • Perfect solution for standard assembly parts of mass-produced equipment
OLV-2A: Designed for water applications
OLV-2P: Use in chemicals, food and portable water
OLV-2F: Designed for applications involving corrosive chemicals and solvents
OLH-3 : Use in water only, horizontal mounting 
Homersham’s are 100% NZ Owned and have been supporting New Zealand business for over 75 years
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