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Unsung Hero's - Pictorial

We recently supplied a 19-channel Delta Ohm temperature, wireless, data-logging system to the NIWA water quality laboratory in Hamilton.

I spent the best part of a week with the team commisioning the system, and I must say I'm very impressed.  If you're like me, you hear the word NIWA, and you'll think weather.  And certainly NIWA Wellington have a shiny new super-computer that looks at the weather, but their brief is so much larger!

Niwa 0

I've spent quite some time in reception, and have availed myself of their excellent publication, "Water & Atmosphere".  Link to it online here https://niwa.co.nz/publications/water-and-atmosphere

They deserve to be lauded for the work they're doing in protecting our waterways.

Clearly the run-off from Dairy has been high in our minds of late.  NIWA take samples from around the country and evaluate for all sorts of quality issues, including nitrogen.  Thank you NIWA!  Love New Zealand!
Lab 1 niwa
parts and PC Screenshot

Annotation 2019-11-19 102420
DSCN4422 Niwa 2

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