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Maric Flow Control Valves

Maric Flow Control Celebrates 50-years in business and 30-years partnered with Homershams

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What are Maric Flow Control Valves?

Inserted in the pipe line, Maric flow control valves provide a constant, measured flow rate of water regardless of pressure, or system demands - upstream or downstream (within specifications i.e. between 140 & 1000 kPa).
Unlike a manual flow restrictor, the Maric is dynamic, keeping flow constant when system pressure rises or falls. It doesn’t just restrict flow; it maintains it.

Maric Flow Control valves maintain a fixed, pre-set, constant flow rate, regardless of pressure. (within the range of 140 to 1000 kPa)

How do Maric Flow Control Valves Work?

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A precision machined body (of various materials) contains a tapered section in which a flexible control ring can roll down with increased pressure and up in response to reduced pressure. 

Hence the orifice reduces diameter with increased pressure, providing constant flow rates.
What is the Accuracy & Lifespan of the Maric Flow Control Valve?
  • Typical lifespan of 10+ years 
  • ± 10% accuracy for precision rubbers
 Where are they typically used?
  • ​Industrial
  • Water Authorities
  • Commercial
  • Farming / Irrigation
  • Pump Protection
  • Water Treatment
  • Domestic
  • Mining

Example Applications

  • Safety showers & eye washing equipment – ensures adequate flow to all shower stations. Controlled flow = safe flow to eyes.
  • Dust suppression – ensures consistent flow from all spray nozzles.
  • Fire fighting 
    • guarantees availability of adequate flow to all hydrants in the event that they all require water at the same time.
    • controlled max flow ensures safe and correct flow from each nozzle.
    • for use in conjunction with smaller nozzle for correct dosing of foaming agent.
  • Industrial linen washing machines – controlled flow maintains the mains pressure.
  • Distilleries and cooling equipment – minimises waste, by controlling condenser cooling water flow.
  • Power station – demineralisation water treatment equipment.
  • Plant wash-down hoses
  • Chemical dosing flow control
  • Limiting maximum flow, helps ensure maximum consistent mains pressure will be maintained during peak demand. 
  • This can help ensure the last property on the line gets its fair share, and may also prevent the costly exercise of needing to increase the mains pipe size to cope with an increased population. 
  • Significantly extended water meter life is obtained when maximum flow is kept within meters design parameters. 
  • May facilitate an economical means of distributing water to vast areas of semi-rural, sparsely populated country.  A very small and inexpensive water main, perhaps as small as 50 mm, and hundreds of kilometers long may be used if flow is limited to a fraction of a litre per minute per customer. Consumers fill their own tanks for a practical supply. 

  • Ensure that every shower, on every floor of a hotel has an adequate and constant flow. 
  • Centrifugal pump protection – Maric flow controllers can prevent cavitation or thrust bearing damage caused from excessive flow rate.
  • Preventing electric motor overload – limiting pump output also limits power draw and potential overload tripping.
  • Preventing nuisance low-pressure motor tripping - often caused by too high a demand from too many irrigation blocks open at the one time. It can be a long walk or drive to re-start pumps!
  • Fertiliser dosing for irrigation
  • Vitamin dosing for stock – dosing equipment.
  • Prevent pumps from tripping on overload
  • Equitable distribution over vast distances (cap and pipe the bore schemes) – provides an economical means of distributing water to numerous properties over vast distances. Limiting flow to a known maximum flow rate will ensure mains pressure is maintained and the last property will receive their allocation.
  • Irrigation Water Treatment – Backwash flow rate control
  • Sprinkler control – over-spraying wastes water and under-spraying wastes time (ensures consistent output irrespective of sprinkler elevation or available pressure.)
  • Tank / water trough fill rate control – Limiting flow to known maximum flow rate, will ensure adequate line pressure to the end of the water main.
Link to Homershams Selection Guide in pdf format
How Marics work. (1.5 min Video)

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