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Industrial v Retail Cyanoacrylates

What is the difference between industrial and retail Ethyl Cyanoacrylate?

The difference between industrial cyanoacrylates and the instant adhesives you find in a retail store is purity and variety.

C792You need high purity, quality cyanoacrylate to produce consistent cure speed and bond strength – essential properties if your process is a fast moving production line.

An inferior quality cyanoacrylate will have variable cure times & strength which can cost a company’s reputation dearly.


The retail brands normally have no (or very loose) specific cure speed or strength specifications for the product. This is ok if you are just repairing something around the house – if it takes 3 seconds or 3 minutes to cure it is not a big deal, but this can be a problem on a fast moving production line.



Ethyl cyanoacrylates form strong bonds to a wide variety of materials. The benefits are as follows:
  • Toughened Ethyls provide more impact resistance.
  • Flexible Ethyls provide better peel strength and can help maintain flexibility of bonded substrates
  • Modified Ethyls provide high temperature resistance.
  • Non-blooming, Low Odour Ethyls provide a pleasing aesthetic finish – with no white residue.
  • Surface Insensitive Ethyls bond to acidic and porous surfaces.

Industrial cyanoacrylate manufacturers offer a range of products which can be tailored to specific applications – giving a better finished bond performance and durability than a generic no-name cyanoacrylate.

The full original blog can be seen on Permabond’s website at this link
For help in selecting the correct Cyanoacrylate please contact the Adhesives team at Homershams.
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